Photographs are as powerful as music; both have the ability to freeze time, and yet flood us with emotions. I honestly cannot pinpoint a time in my life when I started ‘photography’. I don’t know when it became my hobby, when it turned into passion. When I look at the mirror now, I see a professional photographer from Dallas. When did that happen?!

What I do know is, I have always loved photography; capturing people, their emotions, giving birth to characters, playing with light, giving the surrounding its own life; pictures waiting to tell stories.

I have been doing what I love, and that is my talent. Also, this looks like an appropriate place to mention that I get along with people very well. It helps a lot to relax people under the lights, to get composed shots.

I do not follow any particular style or approach; my photographs on the other hand are classy yet simple, bold and vibrant, trying to show the world a different side.

As to why you should trust me with capturing one your life’s most precious moment; to begin with, I understand the responsibility that you are bestowing upon me, and I have the skills to see through it to the end. I have my works to prove it. Please feel free to browse through my portfolio. I have done numerous projects, both on a personal level, and on a larger commercial scale; from portraying two hearts falling for each other in music videos, to two hearts becoming one in marriage in real life; from helping an amateur model to shooting a burning star.

My skills, experience, and understating of human emotions is what I bring to table, and oh, did I mention I am based in Dallas, TX?

Call me anytime. We can talk over a cup of coffee.